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Life stories: Nico

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Life stories from people living with depression: you may feel like a burden, but you don’t have to face it alone

Say “hello” to Nico
The many symptoms of depression
Feeling like a burden
Getting help
Depression is like a long-distance race, but you’re not alone

“Went to see the doctor, and I just remember the first thing they said was “you know, it’s okay”. They were really tip top, supportive, and it was a lot easier from there”

In these videos, we talk to Nico, who is 27 and manages a restaurant. He also has a young son, and enjoys playing the guitar and juggling.

When Nico’s depression became bad enough to seek help, one of his biggest struggles was worrying that he was a burden on the people he cared about. Watch the videos to learn more about Nico’s experiences of living with depression, and how the support of a friend encouraged him to get the help he needed.


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