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Life stories: Lyndsey

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Life stories from people living with depression: overcoming the burden

Introducing Lyndsey
Lack of energy and forgetfulness are both symptoms of depression
Depression can affect many day-to-day activities
Lyndsey explains what it’s like to live with depression
Though depression can return, the right support will help your recovery

I’m one of those people that just bounces out of bed every day and always has a good attitude and a good outlook. And I didn’t feel that way.

Lyndsey is 34, works as a teacher and is also a provisional psychologist who enjoys scrapbooking and Zumba.

In this interview, Lyndsey talks about her experience of carrying the burden of depression around with her, and how she was able to overcome it with help from her family and healthcare team.

To hear Lyndsey’s story, watch the videos below.


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