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Life stories: Lorelie

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Life stories from people living with depression:
seeing through the “fog”

Introducing Lorelie
Living with depression can affect many aspects of a person’s life
Even simple things can seem impossible
Recovery is a journey, but not one that needs to be taken alone

“I think I felt like a switch had been turned off… not on, but off, because I was this great multi-tasker, and I couldn’t do that anymore”

Lorelie is 50, but has been living with depression since she was a teenager. She works as a sales broker and, together with her husband Jim, she has three children.

In this interview, Lorelie describes how depression felt like being in a heavy fog where you can’t see clearly, and how it affected her ability to perform well at her job. She shares her experiences, and how she was able to get her confidence back with the help of her loved ones.


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