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The diversity of depression

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Article from Natural Society

Sometimes, when people think of depression, they just see it as a feeling of sadness. But this is neither a fair, nor fitting, reflection of the condition.

Depression is so much more – an incredibly diverse condition that not only affects your mood, but also your mental and physical wellbeing.

3-5_about_depression_diversity_diagram 3-5_about_depression_diversity_diagram

Different people experience depression in different ways. By sharing these experiences with other people living with the condition, a community can grow, providing support and solidarity to everyone within it.

A recent viral hashtag, #MyDepressionLooksLike, has been uniting Twitter users, allowing them to share their experiences with depression.

This article highlights the power of social media to help bring people together, challenge stigma and raise awareness of depression.

For the most part the message, my message to teens [in treatment] is you’re not alone. I think social media platforms, while they can certainly be used in a negative way; they also have the potential to really help.

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