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The impact of cognitive symptoms

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Depression includes an array of symptoms that affect your mind and can have an impact on social situations, such as:2

3-6_about_depression_impact_of_cog_infographic 3-6_about_depression_impact_of_cog_infographic

These symptoms are collectively known as the cognitive symptoms of depression.

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Easing the strain

Whether meeting new people or spending quality time with loved ones, socialising can be a real challenge with depression. However, there are some steps you can take to make things feel a little more comfortable.

3-6_about_depression_impact_of_cog_infographic_2 3-6_about_depression_impact_of_cog_infographic_2

While depression has a broad and significant impact on the social lives of those affected, its burden can be extended to other aspects of daily life.

To explore the impact of depression in the workplace, click here

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