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Considering the wider team

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Employers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to support an employee who has a disability or illness, and depression is no different. However, it is also important to consider the impact an employee’s depression may have on the wider team. If colleagues begin to feel they are covering for an employee or that the employee is receiving unfair special treatment, this could lead to resentment within a team that will need to be carefully and constructively managed.

You will need to inform the wider team of any changes that affect them, such as reallocating workloads, but remember that details of the individual’s diagnosis and treatment are highly confidential and should not be shared without their express permission. Always ensure you talk to the person first about what information they feel comfortable sharing and with whom.

The mental health charity Mind has published guidance on supporting staff who are experiencing depression, and this advice includes tips on managing its effects on the wider team.

Colleagues are often unsure if it’s ok to ask how people are but, just as with a physical health problem, most people appreciate being asked how they’re doing.

Providing general mental health education to all employees can help raise awareness about how to support colleagues. It may also reduce some of the stigma associated with depression in the workplace and beyond.

You can download the full guidance here

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