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Depression: from mood to motivation

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Depression is often thought of as just feeling sad, but it is so much more than this. If you work with someone who is living with the condition, understanding their depression can help you understand how best to support them.

Depression is a diverse condition that includes a variety of symptoms1

7-6_employer_mood_to_motivation_visual 7-6_employer_mood_to_motivation_visual
7-6_employer_mood_to_motivation_infographic 7-6_employer_mood_to_motivation_infographic

Cognitive symptoms can sometimes take longer to get better than others, such as mood.3 So even if someone who has had depression seems happier, they may still be struggling with these cognitive symptoms.

7-6_employer_mood_to_motivation_callout 7-6_employer_mood_to_motivation_callout

It can be frustrating for people to cope with these symptoms, as their depression may prevent them from working as hard as they would like to. Knowing about all of the symptoms of depression is important in the workplace environment, and being mindful of them can help you when supporting someone with depression.

For further information on the impact of depression in the workplace, and guidance on how you can help your colleague or employee, visit here

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