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Desks, diaries and depression

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Depression often includes symptoms which can affect your brain’s ability to function, leading to difficulties with focus, planning, organisation, decision-making and remembering things.1,2

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Here are a few things that you could do to promote this process with your employees.

A flexible, phased return4

Consider scheduling shorter working days, with frequent breaks to begin with and then gradually lengthen these as and when the employee feels comfortable and able.

Managing the workload4

Your employee may benefit from a structured, supervised work schedule. Perhaps partner them with another employee to manage their workload, enabling them to focus solely on their work.

Decreasing decision-making4

If the returning employee is in a managerial role, consider increasing supervision to reduce their decision-making responsibilities. This may help to take the pressure off them until they feel more familiar with their role again.

Regular reminders5

Provide a memory book, or offer your employee some assistance in setting digital aids, such as a smartphone reminder. This will help them to organise their workload, and prevent them from missing meetings and deadlines.

7-9_employer_desks_diaries_visual_2 7-9_employer_desks_diaries_visual_2
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