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Jeff Moat: Depression in the workplace interview

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With almost three in every ten employees affected by mental health problems, it’s likely that someone in your workplace is struggling with depression.1,2

It’s important that employers educate their workforce in order to reduce stigma and encourage knowledge around mental health, and enable a more ‘mentally healthy’ workplace to overcome the challenges of depression

“The goal, essentially, is to create a healthier working environment, not just physically, but psychologically as well”

Jeff Moat, former President of Partners for Mental Health Canada

“We fear mental illness”, says Jeff Moat, former President of Partners for Mental Health Canada, who has been described as a ‘mental health warrior’ for his pioneering and inspiring work around mental health issues and the launch of the “Not Myself Today” campaign. In this video, he emphasises the need to achieve better understanding of mental health in the workplace to enable a healthier working environment for people with depression. Watch the interview below:

  1. Stephen Hughes MEP Initiative on Depression in the Workplace: policy recommendations on how to tackle the leading cause of disability worldwide. Available at: Last accessed March 2018.

  2. PricewaterhouseCoopersresearch News release, July 2017. One in three UK employees are now working with anxiety, depression or stress, according to new PwC research. Available at: Last accessed March 2018.

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