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Stigma in the workplace

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Article from FitForWork

Within the workplace environment, mental health can be a taboo subject. People can feel insecure about their condition and may find it difficult to open up to their colleagues. We spend the majority of our day at work, and so in an ideal world, it should be an environment where we feel able to talk about the stresses and struggles of everyday life. This particularly applies to somebody with depression.

This article discusses the stigma that may exist within the workplace and how employers can provide support to those living with a mental health problem such as depression.

…according to the Mental Health Foundation, mental health problems account for the loss of 91 million working days each year. With numbers like that, the question must be asked – why are we still not talking about mental health in the workplace?

By recognising and overcoming the stigma associated with depression in the workplace, we can help to support those who are living, and working, with the condition.

Read the full article here.

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