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The economics of depression

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The consequences of depression on workplace productivity and global economics

The cognitive symptoms of depression can have a profound effect on functional outcomes, particularly in the workplace. Problems with memory, concentration and attention may lead to reduced work productivity that affects both the person with depression and their colleagues.1–3

A survey of 8,000 employees across eight countries has shown that the economic cost of workplace depression is significant, and not just in terms of time taken off work.3 A fear of losing their job if they tell their employer about their depression may cause people to try to hide their condition from their employer, and show up to work despite not being well enough to function effectively.3

Data from a survey of 8,000 employees across 8 countries reveals workplace depression collectively costs almost… $250 billion across the 8 countries.

Find out more about the London School of Economics study on the effects of depression on workplace economics here

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