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Recognising functional impairment

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It can be difficult watching a loved one suffering from the wide range of symptoms that come along with depression. But it’s important to keep supporting them and helping them get through it. When their symptoms start impacting their daily functioning or behaviour, it’s then more crucial than ever to encourage them to stick to their treatment plans and to seek advice from their doctor.

It can be difficult to spot the signs as many people with depression can carry on with their lives as normal.1 However, there are key behaviour changes you can stay aware of and certain warning signs that show their depression is affecting their daily lives and their functioning.

functional-impairment2 functional-impairment2

Stay aware of some of these key changes in your loved one’s behaviour and help them receive the guidance they need by supporting them or encouraging them to see their doctor.

For more advice on how to care for your loved one, as well as yourself, the European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Mental Illness (EUFAMI) have created a ‘Caring for two’ brochure. Click below to download it and learn more.

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