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Depression in the workplace

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Are the symptoms of depression holding you back?

Depression can cause difficulties throughout your life, including while you are at work. For many, coping with depression while at work can be hard.1–4 Every person’s experience of depression is different; it may affect your performance and output at work, or it may lead you to take more days on sick leave.5

“I cannot concentrate. I always get the data wrong. I made various small mistakes at the beginning… until I made a huge one. I felt useless.”

Wen, patient with depression, 45, China

“The more I made mistakes at work, the more I had doubts regarding my own skills… I thought, ‘Maybe they (his supervisors) are right, maybe I am not that good.’ And then I would make even more mistakes. I just entered a circle of doubts.”

Silvio, patient with depression, 38, France

“I add burden to my co-workers. I sometimes quarrel with them. Our relationship becomes stressful.”

Tang, patient with depression, China

“I knew that I wasn’t able to capture any content… When I read job ads and the requirements for the jobs I always thought: ‘You are not able to do this’. How could I apply for a job where I had to go to a training event.”

Summer, patient with depression, 40, Germany
At work, is depression affecting your ability to:
At work, is depression affecting your ability to:
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