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Article from StepChange

Money can be a source of stress for us all. For people with depression, it can feel like another unwanted addition to the already significant emotional burden of their condition. A practical approach to personal finance is therefore crucial, and can help to improve not only your money problems, but also your state of mind.

In this article, StepChange Debt Charity describe their six steps to successful, stress-free money management.

5-4_wellbeing_money_on_mind_infographic 5-4_wellbeing_money_on_mind_infographic

These simple suggestions could help to break down your financial worries into small, manageable challenges.

Not all of these steps are directly related to finance; some also encourage small lifestyle considerations. With money influencing lifestyle, and vice versa, this article offers valuable support to help you manage not only your money, but also your mindset.

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